O Lu Wang Ji
(Innocent Seagulls)

The tune O Lu Wang Ji was composed during the Qin dynasty. There is another tune "Wang-Ji" which was composed by Liu Zhifang during the Song dynasty (960-1279). These two tunes are different, but both of them were based on a fable from the Lei Zi, Huang Di. The word "Ji" means looking for opportunity or the idea of scheming to take advantage of others. "Wang Ji" means to forget or abandon the idea of trying to put something over on others. "O Lu" refers to "the seagulls" in the following story: There was an old fisherman who sailed the ocean. The seagulls were so used to him that they flew so close that he could pet them. Later on, his wife noticed this and one day when he came home, she said to him " Why don't you bring one or two seagulls back with you, so that I can also enjoy looking at them?" So the next day, the fisherman went back to the ocean to try to see if he could catch some seagulls. But somehow, as soon as he had this idea, the seagulls all flew too high and never come down to him as before. This story tells us that an opportunistic mind can be sensed by others and that if we do not harbor such thoughts, we can live in harmony with nature and others.



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