The Qin in Taiwan

On June 13, 2004 I joined the Qin gathering of the Zen Art Gallery at Tai Yuan Road, Taipei. Zen Art Gallery was founded by Mr. Chen Qing-Can and his wife Ms.Lee Yun who I met in 2002. Click the link of "Zen Art Gallery" above, it will guide you to their website and find the "2004. 6.13" link, you will see more detail about the gathering in that day. This was my second time to visit Mr. and Ms. Chen. I did not plan to play any piece there, since I haven't practice any piece for about 2 weeks. But when you were in the atmosphere, it is hard to not to touch the Qin and play some. I played two pieces there. The first one was "Xiao Xian Shui Yun" and the second one was "Mei Hua San Nong."

After the gathering several Qin friends and I headed to Mr. Chan Kwok-Heng's "Paintings, Calligraphy, and Gu-Qin" exhibition at Sobriety Rock Studio located at a small alley in Chung Hsiao West Road, Taipei. In the studio, there were about more than ten pieces of Guqin made by Mr. Chan. I feel regret that I did not have enough time to sit down and try each one. If there is another chance, I will try to pluck them indeed. I was very glad to meet the Qin Master, Mr. Cheng Gong-Liang in the studio in that day and to know that he had a very interesting CD published in 1990 at the Netherlands - the "China Dream." Another regret is that I did not have the luck to listen Mr. Cheng's playing.

Front row from the left to the right - Peiyou, Ms. Lee Feng, Mr. Chan Kwok-Heng, Mr.Cheng Gong-Liang and Ms. Lee Yun. Mr. Chen Qing-Can is standing second from the right.

Testing sound. For the sake of avoiding trouble of stringing an antique Qin, this is the way to test its sound. No one was sure how old this banana leaf antique Qin is. Some say it is from Ming dynasty.

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