Assembling The Tuning System

Making 絨剅 Róng-lóu: Róng-lóu is the twisted silk thread which is attached to the string at the knot, and goes through the string hole of the Qin, through the tuning peg and hangs down and is attached to the fringe. It is also used to tighten and tune the string.

Preparing the silk thread to make the Róng-lóu: The finished length of the Róng-lóu will be around 5" long.

1, Find an object (like a back of a chair, for example) that allows you to wind the silk thread around. The ideal width will be 20". Go around 15 times.

2, Cut one end.

3, Stabilize one end firmly and use your thumb and index finger to twist it tightly.

4, Fold it in half and hold both ends together, and whip the cord against a table or hard surface, the two strands will twist themselves together evenly, then tie the ends.

Putting the Róng-lóu together with the Qin fringe and tuning peg:

5, Pass the finished Róng-lóu through the Qin Fringe.

6, Pass the Róng-lóu with fringe through the Qin Zhen (Tuning Peg).

7, Pull out a loop of the Róng-lóu through the neck hole of the Qin Zhen, make one twist then loop over the end of the Róng-lóu and back down around the neck, then pull both ends of the Róng-lóu to make it tight. Adjust the length of the Róng-lóu so it is not over the Yue montain.

Please notice the correct side and appropriate size of string knots.

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