Main Points of Body Position
when getting ready to play the Qin:

1, Sit straight with your heart between the 4th and 5th Hui. Legs naturally open about 1 foot apart. Feet parallel.

2, Concentrate your mind. Relax your shoulders. Do not lean forward or backward and do not swing your body.

3, Elbows should be naturally hanging down. Position your right hand on the 1st Hui area and your left hand on the 7th Hui area with your wrists flat and the angle of your elbows at 90 degrees. If it is not 90 degrees, adjust the height of your chair. Never rest your wrists on the qin board. This way your Qi (energy) will float smoothly to your finger tips.

Main Points of Playing Qin:

1, The strength of the Right hand needs to be natural, don't be too strong or too weak. Avoid too much pressure.

2, On the right hand, use the finger tips. Nail length should be about 2mm for the right hand, and trim the nails of left hand.

3, The left hand's movement has the combination of loose and tight, empty and solid. When pressing down, it is solid. When gliding, it is loose and empty but tight and solid at the end when arriving at an indicated Hui position.

4, The left hand has many movements which are essential to the performance quality, such as Yin, Ruo, Chuo, Zhu, Zhuang, Do, Shang, Xia.... ect,. However, do not use these movements all the time to try to create a variety of performing effects. Each vibrato and upward or downward technique needs to be clearly identified and used appropriately.

5, Move your energy naturally, do not make stiff or hard movements.

6, Always keep your mind concentrated and calm. Use your heart to listen to the music which is also a way to accomplish and train your nature and temperament.

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