采真游 Cai Zhen You

采真游 Cai Zhen You: This title is taken from the book Zhuangzi 莊子. Zhuangzi (369-298 BCE ) is the Daoist philosopher. Cai Zhen You is a Daoist qin piece. If literally translating the title, it will be "the meandering of the truth harvester" or “seeking or picking the truth.” The composer is unknown. This piece was written before the Ming dynasty. According to the footnotes of Cai Zhen You from Xilutang Qintong (a qin notation book edited in 1549), this piece was not handed down for many generations. The person who found this piece and wrote these footnotes thought that this piece presents the image of an Immortal being who disdains the world.

My own interpretation of Cai Zhen You is more towards the major concepts of Daoism, such as: wuwei (effortless doing). Simple and pure as a child, as an uncarved piece of wood. Live naturally and free from desires. In today's chaotic world, I found this piece really lifts my spirits.

古琴曲 采真游 收錄於明朝 汪芝 撰集的 [西麓堂琴統] (1549年)
作曲者已不可考 成曲年代應早於明朝
是一首道家琴曲 其名取之於[莊子 天運第十四]
...古之至人 假道於仁 托宿於義 以游逍遙之虛
食於茍簡之田 立於不貸之圃
逍遙 無為也
茍簡 易養也
不貸 無出也

真 有順應自然 反樸歸真 不以人為力量改變自然 之意

而在不以人為力量改變自然的同時 順著自然的道理去對應外界的事物
培養心中中和之氣 則能達到道之極致

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