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I am now teaching Chinese calligraphy online, and I will teach you systematically from Zhuanshu (Seal script) to Lishu (Clerical or Official script), Zhenshu (Regular script), Xingshu (longhand or running-hand script) and to Zhang Cao (Cursive script). If you are interested in learning Chinese calligraphy, for more details, please contact: moc.liamnothing hereg@niquoyiep

I started learning Chinese calligraphy when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school in Taiwan. At that time, my family also urged me to practice calligraphy. My mother’s father was an acquaintance of the calligraphy master Pu Xinyu (1896-1963). My Aunt Wang Peifen (born in 1949 and passed away at age 90) was learning Chinese ink painting with master Pu Xinyu. My relative, Professor Wang Zhong (Yu-an 1925-2010), was a master of Chinese studies and also wrote calligraphy very well. Therefore, I have been fascinated by Chinese calligraphy and painting since I was a child. During the year and a half from March 2021 to December 2022, I have continued to learn calligraphy from the lineage of Qing Daoren (Rui-qing Li 1867-1920), Xiao-shi Hu (Guang-wei 1888-1962), and Leon Long-yien Chang (1909-2009) with Mr. Jung-ping Yuan (1959-). At present, I practice systematically every day following Master Yuan's guidance.

我開始學習書法是在台灣讀小學五年級的時後。當時家中也督促我要練習寫書法。外公與書畫大師溥心畬(溥儒1896-1963)相識。姨媽汪佩芬(1949年生,享壽90)習國畫於溥心畬。表親汪中(雨盦 1925-2010)教授是國學大師並也寫了一手好書法。我因此從小耳濡目染中國書法繪畫。2021年三月到2022年十二月的這一年半, 不間斷地與袁中平(1959-)先生有系統地學習清道人(李瑞清1867-1920), 胡小石(光煒1888-1962), 以及張隆延(十之1909-2009)先生一脈的書法。目前按袁先生的教導每天練習。也開始網路授課, 我會有系統地從篆書, 隸書, 真書, 行書 到章草教授. 歡迎有興趣的朋友與我聯繫。 moc.liamnothing hereg@niquoyiep

Peiyou's Calligraphy Works

Peiyou (right) and her calligraphy teacher Jung-ping Yuan (left) in front of her art work, a couplet imitated Qing Daoren's style of Zhenshu 真書, at the Taipei Qin Hall in Oct, 2022.

Peiyou (left) and her calligraphy teacher Jung-ping Yuan (right) in front another of her works, Lishu 隸書 imitated Xiao-shi Hu's style, at the Taipei Qin Hall in Oct, 2022.

A work of Zhuanshu 篆書, selected words from Sanshi Pan 散氏盤. It reads, a plate of fresh beans 一盤鮮豆.

A practice work of Nothern Wei dynasty's Zhenshu, Yuan Xian Juan Muzhi (513) 北魏真書元顯儁墓誌銘 that Peiyou did in May 2020.

[Sheng Wu Ai Le Lun] Music Is Irrelevant To Grief And Joy, which is a theory by Xi Kang 嵆康 (or 嵇康 Ji Kang, 223-263). Xi Kang believed that joy and grief came from everyone's own mind. This is in Lishu and Xingshu styles that Peiyou did in the summer of 2022.

A practice of Qing Daoren's Yi He Ming, Zhenshu 清道人瘞鶴銘 that Peiyou did in August 2022.

A practice of Caoquan Bei (East Han dyansty 185), Lishu, 曹全碑隸書 that Peiyou did in summer 2022.

On the right is a practice of Zhang Xuan Muzhi (Nothern Wei dynasty 531) 張玄墓誌, Zhenshu 真書, that Peiyou did in January 2022. On the left is the original model, the stela rubbing.

A practice of Xiao-shi Hu's small size Xingshu calligraphy that Peiyou did in October 25, 2022 試臨胡小石行書於台北

A practice of He Shao-Ji's (1799-1873) Heng Fang Stele (Han dynasty 168, Lishu ). 臨何紹基漢隸衡方碑, June 2022.

A practice of He Zhi-zhang's (659-744) Cursive Style (Zhang Cao ).臨賀知章孝經(章草) in December 2022.

Calligraphy application on Peiyou's guqin video, Pale Yellow Willow 淡黃柳, in cursive style.

Demonstrations on Youtube

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