Performance of Harp and Guqin

On Feb. 26 2005, a performance of harp and Guqin was held by Ms. Rebecca Flannel and Mr. Jung-Ping Yuan at New Brunswick NJ. The Harp is vertical and guqin is horizontal. should I say these 2 instruments playing together is playing a 3D music? There was study that listening to harp music people can live as long life as 120. How about listening to both the harp and the guqin, one can live to age 200? hehe.. I believe this was the first experiment that no one has done before. The harp's sound is bigger than the qin but the qin can create more sliding sounds than the harp. The harp player said that she found it is more difficult to play single notes which she never tried before. This is just a start, I hope they can keep developing more possibilities for the combination. These two instruments can definitely play very beautiful harmonic music.

This is an 18 BC harp which is collected by Ms. Robecca and her husband.

Ms. Robecca Flannel and Mr. Jung-Ping Yuan was playing You Lan.

A view of inside harp's sound box.

Kong-ho, 箜篌, Chinese ancient harp which is no longer existing now. But in Japan, there is a group of people still studying Kong-ho. The playing position is similar to playing western harp, putting the instrument in between knees and play with both hands as playing harp.

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