Tempo Notation, Etc.

Bu Dong After a left finger presses down a string, stay there and do not move away in order to play another same note at the same spot.
Shou Xi A short pause.
Lian Legato; continual playing several notes without pause.
Cheng Blends into the next note.
Ji Presto; in rapid tempo.
Huan Lente; in a slow tempo.
Ru mang Ritardando; slow gradually.
Qing Piano; soft.
Zhong Forte; loud.
Jiu This notation shows that there is the same finger technique as the previous note. Using this notation instead of writing it again.
Zhi Up to.
Zai Zuo Repeat.
Chong Tou Zai Zuo Repeat from the beginng.
Chong Kou Zai Zuo Repeat from the notation " ."
Zai Er Zuo Repeat twice.
Qu Zhong The end.
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