Guqin Performance
Cānghǎi Yī Shēng Xiào (A Laugh on the Deep Ocean )

This is just for fun. I reconstructed this piece based on the song 滄海一聲笑 (literally means a laugh on the deep ocean) composed by Huáng zhān 黃霑 in the Chinese famous movie "Xiàoào Jiānghú" 笑傲江湖.

The painting in this video is the "Red Cliff" from Jin Dynasty, WǔYuánzhí《赤壁图》金 武元直. This painting is in the Taipei Palace Museum collection.

The qin was made by WP and is strung with synthetic strings (nylon strings).

The video below is recorded on silk string.

Please click here to see the music score.

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