Xiao Xian Shue Yun
(Misty River Xiao and Xiang)

Xiao Xiang Shui Yun is attributed to the Southern Song Dynasty (1128-1276 AD) Qin player and poet Guo Chuwang. Guo felt regret about the Southern Song being cut off from northern China by the Jin Dynasty. As he floated down the river Xiao and Xian in the Hu Nan province on a boat, he gazed upon the Jiuyi Mountain, which rose majestically into the clouds brought home the sorrow of losing his country. This piece presents a combination of the image of flowing water, blowing wind, a drifting boat and the lofty atmosphere.

神奇秘譜: 臞仙曰 是曲也 楚望先生郭沔所製 先生永嘉人 每欲望九嶷 為瀟湘之雲所蔽 以寓拳拳之意也 然水雲之為曲 有悠揚自得之趣 水光雲影之興 更有滿頭風雨 一簑江表 扁舟五湖之志

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