October 2006 Taipei Trip Enrich My Spirit and Mind

Finding Qin Fu and the full moon qin gathering

Summary: On Oct 5th 2pm, I contacted the place where I could buy the "Qin Fu" 琴府 edited by Tang Jian-yuan 唐建垣. I knew this book from an Internet search of "Long Hu Qin Pu" 龍湖琴譜. And found out the publisher's ( Liang Guang 聯貫出版社) information in Taipei.
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Oct 8th Qin testing at Yetang Tea house and the 9 virtues which distinguish the Qin

Summary: On Oct 8th 2pm, several qin friends gathered at the Ye Tang Tea house in Yong Kang Street, Taipei. I was the first one to arrive and the host Mr. He was having Jung Ping's qin music playing as the background music. This gathering could happen because my blog friend, Shang-wei, had just finished his first qin a couple months ago and I wanted to try it. So he arranged this meeting.
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Oct 12, Xin-dian / Wu-lai Qin Trip 新店烏來登高撫琴
and The Ten Maxims of The Qin (Qin Yan Shi Ze 琴言十則)

Summary: Many thanks to Wenyuan couple who drove me and Shan-wei to Xin-dian and Wu-lai. Wenyuan's husband is a very good tour guide...
元 吳澄的琴言十則其中一則:...至遇知音 升樓閣 登山憩谷 坐石遊泉 值二氣之清朗 皆際勝而宜於琴者... 想這新店烏來遊 真是應了吳澄之此則.
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Oct 13th, Attend Prof Wu's class in Taiwan University

Summary: The subject was The Investigation of Chinese Rites and Music System -- Tao Si Big Tomb's Te Chime and Tuo Drum 中國禮樂制度探源-- 陶寺大墓特謦(te qin) 鼉鼓(tuo gu) 兼論特磬在中國文明形成中的地位.
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Oct 17th, Tian Muge Silk String Qin Society

Summary: Miss Zhuang Xiu-zhen 莊秀珍 is the president of the Tian Muge Silk String Qin Society. She learned Guqin from Master Sun Yu-qin 孫毓琴. This qin society used to have gatherings twice every month at the Zi Teng Lu Tea House, and now moved to Xin Dian near Xin Dian city hall. I had the honor of attending their meeting on Oct 17th, Thanks to my friends Bright and Xing-yi.
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Oct 18th, Meet Qin friends

Summary: After having a lesson of Taichi Dowing 太極導引 with Shan-wei who learned from Master Xong Wei 熊衛 since 1996, we headed to Xing-yi's home near by. Xing-yi is the correspondent secretary of Zi Ten Lu Tea House and a good friend of Shan-wei. Xing-yi plays guqin for 5 years already. He learned guqin from Master Zhuang Xiu-zhen.
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Oct 19th, Ping Ling Trip

Summary: On Oct 19th, Friday, Wenyuan couple drove me, Shan-wei and Mr. Huang Hui-jing to Pinlin mountain area.
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My Two Nieces Playing The Qin Made by Shan-wei and the Wugan Qinpu in Taipei Palace Museum

Summary: It was pitty that I did not see any painting and calligraphy in Taipei Palace Museum this time as they were closed those sections. However I saw a qin book. Jia-jing Yuan Kan Ben Wu-Gang Qinpu (嘉靖原刊本梧岡琴譜)
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