Oct 12, Xin-dian / Wu-lai Qin Trip 新店烏來登高撫琴 and the Ten Maxims of the Qin 琴言十則

Many thanks to Wenyuan and her husband who drove me and Shan-wei to Xin-dian and Wu-lai. Wenyuan's husband is a very good tour guide...

I feel that we were just following one of the Ten Maxims of the Qin (Qin Yan Shi Ze 琴言十則) by Wu Cheng (1249 - 1333) in Yuan dynasty 元 吳澄. "... When meeting friends who understand the music, ascending a storied building, climbing a mountain and resting in a valley, sitting on a rock and tarrying by a stream, in the two clear and comfortable seasons, all these are the right people, right timing and right place for playing Qin...." (...至遇知音 升樓閣 登山憩谷 坐石遊泉 值二氣之清朗 皆際勝而宜於琴者...)

The upper reaches of Xingdian River 新店溪上游

Shan-wei, Peiyou and Wenyuan.

Embracing the mountain.

I play Misty River Xiao and Xiang.

Wenyuan plays Ode to Autumn Wind.

The Ten Maxims of The Qin (Qin Yan Shi Ze 琴言十則)

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