Stringing The Instrument

3) Stringing:

The suggested sequence for wrapping the strings to the Goose Feet is by wrapping the 7th (the thinnest), 6th, 5th and the 4th string first onto the outer foot, then the 1st (the thickest), 2nd, and the 3rd strings to the inner foot. Outer means away from your body when putting the instrument vertically with the feet out to the right as the first picture shows below. These pictures are showing the stringing of the 4th string and the finished view.

It is easy for new strings to lose tone, if so, just redo the stringing once a while to adjust the tone. Later on, the strings will become more stable.

After the tunning pegs with Rong-Do and strings are completed, vertically put the instrument against a soft pad on a chair or on a bed with the tail of the instrument towards up. The bottom side of the instrument should face towards your right hand side and the top side of the instrument faces to your left hand side.

Wear a leather glove or use a towel to wrap your hand. Pull the string over to the Long Yin (Dragon's Gum) and towards to the Goose Feet. Wrap the tail of the string onto your right hand and pull the string.

Pull the string down with strength.

While pulling the string, use your left hand to test if the sound is the right tone.

When the tone is correct, hold your breath and pull the string as the direction with strength. (The wrapping direction of the 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings are the opposite).

Wrap it to the Goose Feet as direction. While wrapping it, still hold your breath, don't lose any strength. The incoming string has to be against the bottom of the instrument tightly without any space between.

Finished view.
After wrapping the string, tuck the end of the string under the incoming string and pull it tightly. The technique of stringing the rest of the strings is the same.

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