Stringing the instrument

1) Making Yuan-Bao Jie:

Yuan-Bao Jie is the knot at the head of the string where the silk tassel is attached. Before stringing the instrument, make a knot at the head of each string.

If using silk string, there are added wrapped silk on the 1st to 4th string. At the head of the 1st to 4th strings, there are small parts which have no added wrapping. At the tail parts of the 1st to 4th strings, there is a long section which has no added wrapping. Be sure making the knots at the section of added wrapping after the shorter non wrapped section, and when the knots are done, cut the shorter non wrapped parts off.

Below is the demonstration of how to make a Yuan-Bao Jie.

2) Combine the tunning pegs with Rong-Do and strings:

Pass the Rong-Do through the Xian-Yan (string holes), then loop over the knots. Adjust the length of the Rong-Do, so that the knots will be located (face up) in the middle of the Yue mountain.

For assembling the tunning pegs and appropriate size of the knot, please see the page of Assembling The Tuning System. For stringing the insrument, please see the next page.

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